Running EA on Linux for backtesting optimization

Does anyone compared the backtest time performance, using the same computer EA and database, between Windows and Linux?

As far as i have experienced, linux doesn’t allow.for EA use at all. You must run the mt4/5 instance through playonlinux or wine, which for some reason disables the EA’s and market. Unless they are ones you’ve coded yourself I believe.

If they are self created, then I would assume a noticable increase in speed using linux due to less overhead (for most Desktop environments). Although I have not personally tried so I can’t say for sure.

Someone please correct me if this has changed.

The speed did not compare, But in Linux the EA works fine.

I thought same as bpourveer10 back in 2006-2008 when I was doing extended tests (any I could get in mind). But that time was different, there was only 32 bit, and as I am able to recall my memory it was slower in Linux, not much, mostly x2 slowly. But platforms changes since then. I was doing most of the tests on Linux Slitaz, Slackware (Slack also), Debian, Arch and Ubuntu, later on Voyager and other flavours. Slitaz 3 is my favourite. If you would like to expect some better performance, definitely best results you would get in Slitaz, but not many are used to work with 30 mb operating system working completely in RAM memory , and even more never tried.

But compared to today MT5, I am sure MT4 (and especially MT3) would be faster in Linux than MT5 on Windows 10-64 bit. I am talking by logic and by memory seeing same tests how they respond in new environments. To not mention kernels changed too, and .wine is not any more few megabytes but hundreds.

Doesn’t matter if I have newest cpu-s today, it would not change my mind when I have to choose (make choice) between 30 gb Windows and including Linux-es becoming same size, with compared to small-fastest reliable distro as Slitaz. But everything later comes to taste for all, and may choose between any mentioned linuxes and not-mentioned.

There is difference between Linuxes same as there is difference between Win XP 32 bit and Win 10 64b with hunger for Gbytes memory ram, not mbytes, lol.

QNX would be fastest, and multi-puter-comp from Green Arrays would be fastest for sure, but “work on what You have, and what makes better feeling to You” - is my moto.

I’m only giving opinion, don’t be offended. :smiley:

!!! thank you!!!

Great, bro! thank you!