Risk Control features

Hello I was hoping someone can offer some insight into Risk control features. I am currently looking to implement risk control strategies similar to what a traditional prop firm would do in a retail environment but for myself. Features such as.

Max Net PNL Loss for the day. If triggered would liquidate all positions and lock my account for the trading day.

In another example I want a trailing stop loss on my NET PNL once I cross a specific dollar value for the day. This trailing NET PNL would help control risk and give me the ability to continue to perform executing with a safety net behind each trade.

I have a few other necessary items but not sure were to begin. Thanks in advance.

Looks like you need someone to code it for you - Freelance jobs!

So this isn’t standard code and needs to be implemented manually?

There is no such thing as “standard code” in the sense you are describing. Everything needs to be coded according to the requirements of each situation!