Reccomandation needed for real and profitable EA robot trader

Someone they know if they exist a real and profitable EA robot trader, without all and the stories I see like gain 1 million in 3 months? I try many EAs in the last 9 years and they all all my account. So I wait for good recommendation from some the have, use good ea. Thanks for you infos.

The “Make me some money” button does not exist. Sticking one EA to a chart and expecting some profit is not the way to proceed. You need a couple of EAs, 5 or more, and analyse the market in order to determine which robot to use on which instrument. Anyway, this implies a very good knowledge on how the EA works, which means it has to be run several months on a demo account. Secondly, the EAs you can buy for a few dozen are a waste. Better try those that are free on CodeBase. Some of them work fine depending on the market conditions of course. For instance the Woodies CCI works well in trending market

Try a few of them and determine in which market conditions they work best. Avoid M1 scalpers, disable your robots when news are coming, Keep yourself informed on what happens in the world are some of the tasks to perform.

Of course it exists. Make your own search in EAs and signals and you will find some very interesting.

Of course this generalist comment is to promote your own product, which of course looks temptation but is of course about to fail if in the hands of someone who doesn’t know why, where and how it trades. You are the only one able to make it profitable, this is why you made it available as a signal. This is to be considered, but we enter into the signals domains. This is a different approach but unfortunately is risky too. I’m personally very suspicious about signals which don’t provide any info on brokers, spreads and slippage. It is a guarantee to failure, especially if it is less than one year old. Long term sexy back tests just shows the robot’s over optimization, thus making its success in real time very doubtful.

I don’t want to insult your hard work at all, it may be providing very good results but is lacking the essential: Info on your broker’s spreads and slippage, and mostly it is way too young to rock n’ roll. You are not serious promoting after only one week live, especially for a grid. Sorry to be positive about that. Again, the “make me some money” button does not exist.

I don’t promote my own signal, I just suggested Jean Pierre to look in the Market and Signals for interesting ones. I will answer your other concerns in a private message, because I don’t want to use the forum for promoting my signal.

It is all about the trader and not the robot.

Robots are best used as tools by informed traders.

The question of why we don’t all use the robot that makes all the right trades and never loses money is simply unreal.

Think about what makes a trading system work and robots might have a role but they are not what makes the market work and profitable to those who work at trading as a business.

If you want to use foul language, go somewhere else. You risk being banned if you are incapable of being polite.

You cannot create always evolution system people will evolve, to beat always evolving system. It’s unbelievable, it’s not gonna work.