Purchased EA on MQL5 can't use it on my MT4 for Mac

Hello, I use Wine and my MT4 on my mac.

I just purchased an EA here, how can I use it on my mac version of MT4?

In options I added my mql5 user e password

and then?


Unfortunately it is not possible.

Check with brokers that offer Mac account. Last I talked to Pepperstone about this they said they didn’t know of anyone writing indicators or EAs for MAC operating systems.

You can run a Windows converter like Parallel or some of the others simpler than Boot Strap that will allow you to run MT4 or MT5 on a MAC but the crossover is till not possible on the conversion from MT5 to MT4 or vice versa.

Is it the same on MT4? I don’t have anything running Wine at the moment to check.

Only self compiled indicators and ea’s will work so not the bought ones from market.

Thanks a lot for the help