Possible to programmatically filter Market Watch symbols?

is it possible to make expert or script to search all symbols with special conditions and filter them and show in market watch or anywhere else?if yes how?

for example i want to filter symbols to show me symbols by macd best postion to buy.

Yes, it’s possible, the best solution is to develop an indicator for this, instead of EA or script, since EA is better to trade single symbol.

but how ?how can i apply this to all symbols by code?

You can make use of the functions here: https://www.mql5.com/en/docs/marketinformation and https://www.mql5.com/en/docs/series.

Yes it is possible,

To get the name of all the symbols in the market watch, use SymbolsTotal() in a loop like this:

string  arrSymbols[];
     for(int j=0;j<=SymbolsTotal(true)-1;j++)

And function for filter like this:

string Chiko_Filter(string symbol,int period,int shift) {

 if( iIchimoku(symbol,period,InpTenkan,InpKijun,InpSenkou,MODE_CHIKOUSPAN,shift)< iLow(symbol,period,shift))

     return "bear";

 else if( iIchimoku(symbol,period,InpTenkan,InpKijun,InpSenkou,MODE_CHIKOUSPAN,shift)>iHigh(symbol,period,shift)

     return "bull";

  return "no signal"; 


At the end check symbols by a function and put the results in an other array:

int intPeriod=Period();
   string  arrSignals[];
   int intShift=0;  //Current candle;
     for(int j=0;j<=SymbolsTotal(true)-1;j++)
               else if(Chiko_Filter(arrSymbols[j],intPeriod,shift)=="bear")
                  arrSignals[j]="no signal";

Of course you can also check all the time-frames

I don’t think the details needed.

Thanks a lot…