Poor backtesting results

Hello, I have downloaded files from Tickdata but still, my backtests are poor… I exported to a MT4 file that was tested, did everything according to youtube instructiuons of their official site, charged the EA with data running different timeframes and nothing helped.

Would appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Files: backtest.png 41 kb


I’m facing some similar issue: I have a dabatase downloade directly from Ic Markets that always give me 100% of quality. But today (few hours ago to be more specific) this quality was dropped down to 30%. And using only MT5.

I didnt tried MT4 yet, but maybe there is some issue related to Strategy tester.

Delete all history from History path and Tester path of your terminal, close all charts and download history again.

Answered by: Evgenyi Machok, the best EA maker in mql5, gives support fastly, uses teamviwer to help if necessary.

And there is the other procedure about how to fix the issue with data/quotes - read this post with instruction here:

Hi ! I guess that isn’t only a database issue. Today my tests are running with 100% quality without any changes from my part.

But now I’m facing issue with my “Agents”. After the first Optimization test the terminal just disable all the Agents and i have to enable it again. This is completly unusual and new to me. I’ve ran a lot of tests but never saw this behavior.

As far as I know, if you have good data, but lets say your data stops at last weeks date, you then set the testing end date up until current date or do not tick date box in strategy tester settings. The system will download the latest data from your broker and it will then only show the quality % of that data. if you run a sample time of within your high quality data, it should show high quality %. This is one possibility that has happened to me. A broker that has 90% quality is aplari

You have to bei Not connected to a Server cause If you want to use Tickstory data and you export it than when you connected to Server than mt4 automatically Download the History files from Server and your Tickstory data will BE overwritten. Make new mt4 install…connect one time to Server to get Symbols Data etc. Than Close or delete your Account in mt4 so that you Not connect to Server anymore…than Export Tickstory data and open the chart and you will See.