Overlaying indicators

Is it possible to overlay a BB onto the CCI indicator without special/unique coding? My coding skills are rudimentary at best. I thought perhaps it would just drag and drop, but that did not seem to work.

If you put CCI in place, then drag bb study over it, dialog box opens. Set bbs as you want, then ‘apply to’ previous indicator data. It works!

overlaying two charts in mt4??

hi can anyone helpme to overlay two charts in mt4??? is there an indicator for this?

The problem is that BB is displayed on the chart and the CCI is displayed is a separate window.

To do what u want, first open the indicator that it is on separate window. In our case, the CCI

Now, drag the BB into the CCI window, and select “Applay To: First indicator’s Data” . U find it on the “Parameters” tab


how can i make two indicator inone?

rsi cci---------------macd rsi


help plz

in one window? just drag and drop the indic…

how to make it? help pls

open one indicator first then klik and drag the second indicator then drop it in the first indicator window…