No more than 1000 symbols can be selected

I am developing a MT5 multisymbol EA.

I get the message “No more than 1000 symbols can be selected”

What statements substitutes a “selection”

How do I “Deselect” a symbol?

I am working with all the majors.

For your EA start reading (Editor, F1) about SymbolName(), SymbolSelect and SymbolTotal().

What do I have to do to get rid of the message " no more than 1000 symbols can be selected"?

Select less then 1000.

Hi all,

I have a similar / identical problem.

My EA is trying to manage 1200 symbols (stock CFD’s). Obviously I run into the same issue as THP above.

I understand what is going on behind the scenes with SymbolSelect() etc

My question is:

Is there a way to de-select a symbol from the Market Watch after I have processed it within the EA or put another way is there a way of removing symbols from the market watch from a script or function ?

Many thanks for your help!


I think the system selects all the symboles that would be used in the EA when it starts the backtest.

The question is whay the developer set this limit?

Can the limit be removed?