News Reader Indicator!

Well, I’m not the creator of this simple indicator but I enhanced it!

The indicator reads a .csv file (you have to place the .csv file in EXPERTS/FILESfolder).

And dipsply the news on the chart.

And alerts you 10 minutes (optional) before the news.

The format of the .csv file have to be look like this:

File :

How do I attach it to my charts…

I placed the file in the correct folder, but how do I find it to attach it so that I can evaluate your indicator?

I make use of Smart Clock 2.1 - it is set to tell me precisely when the event occurs and I have set it to 3 minutes before the event. Works very well for me, but I am prepared to look at yours.

Which file you mean? do you mean you placed the indicator in the indicators folder and the “news.csv” in the Experts/Files folder?

You have to fill the news.csv file with the up-to-date news feed with a correct time to get the alert!

Can you put an example of the .csv file here? And what exactly is a .csv file? Can I create it using notpad and just make the extension .csv to make it a csv file? I tried this and saved it to the experts folder but it doesnt show up. Is there a certian format suchs as “pair”>“time”>“news title” so it would read “eurusd 1830 new home sales”? Would I be able to put all news for the week and it will only show the news for the day on the charts?

How is it if it can plot the news on the past ? ( for back testing information) current version works only for coming news not past

Drawing the news on the chart!

Drawing the news on the chart was a raised idea on forexfactory but they banned me before even discussing it!

I think here’s a safe place to create the best news indicator together! But I can not promise that version 2 will draw the new on the chart! Maybe version 3 does!

Version 2 will read the format of forexfactory calendar so you can use the NewsGenerator indicator to get up-to-date Forex news from forexfactory and read them into NewsReader V2!

Does anyone have the source for this news reader?
or can anyone modify the one from this thread to be similar to this floating panel?