Neural networks in in MetaTrader

I like to write a neural network system, for automated trading on MT5. I know how to write a NN in Matlab or C++, but I don’t know is it possible and good idea to learn MQL5 and try to write the NN in this language or not? Is MT5 IDE powerful enough for doing this? Or I must export stocks data to a .CVS file and use it on my C++ program, then send back the results to MT5 for trading?

If you can write NN is C++, then you can do it with MQL4/5 no problem. It’s pretty much the same language with only a few changes and additional features.

The real question is can you write a real working NN ? Because 99% of the projects I see in this direction are useless. They are good only as a science experiments but, there is no real application in real life.

It’s really an exciting project.

As kgarratt1v said, if you can do it in C++, you’ll be able to do it in MQL. You could also use the Alglib library for MQL.

I tell you now, training it on OHLC prices + 10 indicators values during 10 years won’t help, data selection & preparation is essential, you have to know exactly what to look for & keep in mind memory/cpu usage if it’s self train.

You’ll know it’s okay, when it’ll handle the main interest traders may find in neural network, in 1 word : p-o-l-y-m-o-r-p-h-i-s-m across many instruments ; that’s the only guarantee that your AI is intelligent - if it’s just functionnal on EURUSD after a backtest, then it’s just another simple robot.

Thank you guys!

I searched about EA robots in MT5, and I noticed that it seems this robots only works for Forex market? I wanted to use it on my country’s(Iran) market, but it seems it’s impossible?

I know this server in MT5 “MofidSecurities-Server” works for Iran’s market online(this server belongs to a broker in Iran that I can do online trading with it), but I read in some Persian sites they say robot’s don’t work for our market! Why do they say this? How can I make sure does it work or not?

Some brokers just don’t allow EA.

How do they doing that? I mean isn’t EA on my computer? How do they understand I use a robot or I do trading by myself?

You’re on their server, I’m sure they have access to the backend to determine how trades are executed.