Need to Convert 2 Excellent MT3 indicators to MT4

I have 2 excellent MT3 indicators that need to be converted to MT4. Any help in this matter will be much appreciated.

The indicators at called: GannOvl.mql and GannSwingOwn.mql.

Files :

Here’s a MT3 chart of the indicators.

Thanks for sharing these indi to the board, i hope someone will find some spare time to convert them to MT4. By the way, can you give some more details on these indis and why you say they are excellent… have u been trading them manually? If yes how long and how is the performance. Anything else you wish to share on this will be greatly appreciated.


I found these indicators from a guy named “fxspeedster” from another board. I’ve been watching them on MT3 and they look very good. What I really like is that the Color Dots don’t Repaint

Here’s a few quotes from “fxspeedster”:

"Hello, I have a great indicator that I have been using standalone or for filtering for years and it has definitely withstood the test of time. I have attached a screen so that all of you can see its efficacy. Greatest thing about it is that it does not repaint. Second best thing is that if one was even to trade it manually, it has a good win rate with many breakeven trades when the market reverses quickly. The only problem is that it is only written for MT3. Can a good programmer here convert it for MT4?

This indicator is based on Gann swing theory. Very easy to figure out what it does by looking at the chart. But very effective as well. Hope we can get this converted to MT4 soon. Good trading to everybody!"

Here’s another quote from “fxspeedster”:

“Very simple. You buy when the Blue dot appears and sell when the Red dot appears. You can set your Stop Loss and Target profit based on the levels of the most recent swing pivots. Basically it can be used as a SAR (stop and reverse) where you will always be in the market…either short or long. Hope this helps.”

I hope that helps. These are very hard to find indicators. If they can be converted to MT4 format, I would much appreciate it.

First of all, this is a great site. Thank you.

It’s truely a shame that we will never get to see ZeroCode Beta 2. What a blessing that would have been.

Perhaps someone could help me. I’m trying to find an EA that will work with MACD and MACD Dot. I know MACD is not the best trading method on the planet, but I’ve been able to make some adjustments and it seems to be working well for us.

Additional items… Trailing Stop after trade hits profit, Take Profit, Stop Loss.

It is important that the Moving Average settings be adjustable.

So, if there is a kind hearted wizard out there, I’d sure appreciate it. Right now, I’m trading this system manually, but I really need to get some sleep and get a life.

Thank you…