Need ROC (Price Rate of Change)

If anyone has this it would be greatly appreciated, I noticed almost everytime i download an MT4 version it mentions that it includes it but I can never find it. I started using it while experimenting in Forex Tester its called ROC for short and what it seems to do is get the slope of the price change and plot it as a graph. If anyone with the indicator could let me know hopefully i can whip out an expert from it, I just can’t test it all in Forex Tester because it limits me to one month.


I found the original one on the net, but it was buggy. Below is fixed, but could you confirm gaz?
Files :

Looks about right: bpedrazzic, thanks I’ll do some testing on it sometime soon

The indicator doesn’t update, you need to switch back and forth between timeframes to display the latest draw of the line.

Can it be made to refresh/redraw on it’s own?

Thank you


Is there a guide avaliable on how to use the above ROC indicator, please?