Need one ea for closing all open position base on net profit


I’m looking for an EA for closing all current open position base on profit. meaning close all position when total open position in profit. like, some position will be in loss and some will be in profit. finally net in profit.


EURUSD- sell position and total loss 10$

GBPUSD-buy position and total profit 8$

AUDUSD-buy position and total profit 15$

USDJPY- sell Position and total loss 10$

Net Profit= 3$… this is the time EA should close all open position automatic with net profit 3$. in the EA there want be a option for profit target that can set manually.

can anyone help me on this? plzz


Please do not double post.

I have deleted your other post.

There are some of this kind in the EA Utilies section

Or it can be easily programmed in MT4