Need Multi-Hedge Indicato

Hi aaguilar1d, thank you for offering to help out with coding. I need a Multi-Hedge Indicator for MT4 that combines 3-4 currencies into one line. It shows the net dollar fluctuations at any given moment. The indiator allows you to plug in currency’s entry prices and lots’ amounts. For example, I need a one line chart that shows the net dollar fluctuations if I go 100K long EURCHF, short EURUSD, short USDCHF.

Is this something that could be done? Thanks.

just curious if any of you guys ever used a multi-hedge indicator. and if you did use it, did you find it useful? thanks.

Hi guys, wow, the response is overwhelming! Can anybody help me to get Multi-Hedge Indicator for MT4? It may be called differently, but the concept is the same. It displays net dollar fluctuations of 3-4 currencies.

Thanks to anyone who can respond.

Hi, it could be done, but it’s too much work for a busy soul. In fact, I want this indicator for a long time but couldn’t find time.

Multi-hedge? I always called this composite price. E.g. USDXXX, GBPXXX, etc.

aaguilar1d, thanks for your response. I am sending you an attachment to your PM. This may help you. Check it out.


Hello, can someone send me details on a hedge EA?

Whoa…I’d like this type of indicator too. Plz let me know when it will be available.