Need help please about unicross indicator buy and sell arrow direction

can someone please send me buy and sell arrow unicross indicator

please do not post your email address, it invites spam.

If somebody has something to share, I am sure that they will attach it here.

Your request is vague, you need to be more precise. I, for one have no idea what a unicross indicator is.

Unicross is a combination of t3 and of the repainting centered TMA - the usual “grail” story :slight_smile:

Said otherwise, you take an chart with any history and you draw the arrow at some nice highs/lows.

Not some nice highs/lows

The nicest highs/lows (otherwise it wouldn’t be the grail)

i have no idea how to combine the T3 and TMA to form a unicross,can you help me to do and send it to as a raw file so that i can install it on MT4 template , THANKS