Need a Custom indicator Awesome Oscillator & Parabolic SAR

I need to add alert to the Awesome Oscillator when it changes color.

I need to add an audio alerted when the color change and message to know on what currency.

and also alert to Parabolic SAR when it changes position, move from down to top and vice versa.

thank you

hi everyone,

can anyone help with a custom indicator awesome oscillator with alerts when it changes from red to green?

Hi sorry to bother if possible if you could share the indicator if you found one. Thanks buddy

The parabolic SAR indicator is a very famous one in the forex. A lot of traders use the parabolic SAR to figure out the short-term momentum of a currency pair of their taste. Welles Wider is renowned for developing this laudable strategy. Many of us in the forex enhance our trading strategy using the parabolic SAR to calculate where we could possibly place our stop orders.