Multiple time frame indicator

anyone written a MTF indicators for the guppy macd and the guppy moving average

I am attaching the guppy moving average and macd indicators for your perusal but they are single time frame

Files :

I am looking for them.

hi all,

i was looking to find 3 hour chart on meta trader or interbank fx trader 4

can some help with displaying 3 h chart


i need to create a simple script to create buy/sell orders for any script i attach to chart. and run test on it.

can someone help

I am fairly new to trading and the GMMA method seems to be one that fits best with my way of looking at the markets.

Have you (or anyone else on here :0) any suggestions how best to select trades using these Indicators?

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for sharing MTF MACD. Special thanks to all those who share what they have in this forum. May you prosper in forex.