MetaTrader crash after loading EA

When loading any EA to any chart Demo Account it shows the EA on the top right, but it is freezing my terminal. I cant click anything anymore and I have to force close it. I tested it with a few EAs from the market and with self programmed ones. My PC has enough power and MT5 is updated.

Please help

also i tried to execute it as admin. didnt work

Do you work in real windows? Not using Windows emulator?

What is your terminal build?

Reboot the terminal and copy three lines from the Toolbox window from the Journal tab. Here is an example:

2019.02.27 10:14:49.190 MetaTrader 5 x64 build 2007 started (MetaQuotes Software Corp.)
2019.02.27 10:14:49.195 Windows 10 (build 17134) x64, IE 11, UAC, Intel Core i3-3120M  @ 2.50GHz, Memory: 3838 / 8077 Mb, Disk: 93 / 415 Gb, GMT+2
2019.02.27 10:14:49.195 C:\Users\barab\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\D0E8209F77C8CF37AD8BF550E51FF075

Yes real Windows.

Terminal build: MetaTrader 5 Version: 5.00 build 2007 25 Feb 2019

2019.02.27 10:22:46.473 Terminal MetaTrader 5 x64 build 2007 started (MetaQuotes Software Corp.)

2019.02.27 10:22:46.475 Terminal Windows 10 (build 17134) x64, IE 11, UAC, Intel Core i7-8750H @ 2.20GHz, Memory: 9346 / 16276 Mb, Disk: 648 / 930 Gb, GMT+1

2019.02.27 10:22:46.475 Terminal C:\Users\Tradegen\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\D0E8209F77C8CF37AD8BF550E51FF075

when loading any EA Journal says:

expert Fibonacci Retracement Trader (EURUSD,M1) loaded successfully, but I cant click anything. Currencys are still ticking, chart works and EA is shown on the top right of the chart in previous selected mode.

Clear the terminal: close ALL charts, connect to the “Metaquotes-Demo” server, open the “EURUSD” H1 timeframe. Attach the standard adviser “MACD Sample”.

same thing happens…

i just uninstalled it and installed it, same thing happens.

Are you using exactly ONE chart (EURUSD H1) and ONE expert (MACD Sample)?

What does the task manager show?

I have so:

only 1 chart only 1 symbol only 1 exp



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I still have the latest version: something with the video card drivers. I have no more thoughts.