MetaEditor overview


MetaEditor is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for MQL that comes packaged with MetaTrader. It includes useful reference, search and auto-complete tools that makes coding in MQL alot easier.

The Editor window allows you to have multiple files open at once. You can minimize, maximize and tab between several open windows. The Navigator window offers useful file-browsing and reference features. The Toolbox window displays help contents, compilation errors, file search results, and online access to articles and files at

One of the most useful editing features is the Assistant. Simply type the first few characters of an MQL function, operator or other language element, and a drop-down list will appear. Press Enter to accept the highlighted suggestion and auto-complete the phrase.

The Files tab in the Navigator window is a simple file browser that allows you to open and edit any of the MQL files in your \experts folder. The Dictionary tab features a built-in MQL reference, while the Search tab is a search feature for the MQL reference.

The built-in MQL reference and the context-sensitive help will save you a lot of time when coding. If you need help remembering the syntax of a particular language element, select or place the text cursor on the element in the editor window. Press F1 on your keyboard and the help topic will appear in the Toolbox window.

The toolbar in MetaEditor features the standard complement of file and editing functions. The Navigator and Toolbox windows can be shown or hidden using their respective buttons on the toolbar.

The Compile button compiles the current file in the editor. If there are any compilation errors, they will be shown in the Toolbox window. The Terminal button opens the trading terminal for testing