MA + ATR indicator request

Hi there,

Have been attempting to create an indicator that will draw a trend line on a chart that is the sum of a 10 period exponential moving average and the average true range (14).

Also want to be able to do the opposite, being subtract the ATR(14) from a 10 period EMA and draw the line on the chart.

Could program reasonably well using Metastock but with


nice to see a fellow metastock user here… are you using metastock fx… if so, do you find it helpful…

I just came saw that you wrote “long time ago” for damiana an indicator (damiana ma + atr.mq4).

I was looking for something like this but with a small additional feature:

Instead of adding/substracting the ATR equally to both sides of the MA I need the possibility to add the ATRFactor(A) to the upper side of the MA and to substract the ATRFactor(B) to the lower side of the MA.

By this I can change the ATR-value (with the factor) individually for both sides of the MA.

Unfortunately I’m not a coder and I would greatly appreciate if you could build this feature in for me.

Thanks for the help.

best regards

Sorry made a mistake.

What I need is not the MA+ATR, but the Hi/Low ± ATR*Factor(A/B).

In other words I would like to have one line on top of the bar (high + ATRFactor(A)) and the second line below the low of the bar (low - ATRFactor(B)).

In the indicator I should be able to change individually the factor A (to the upside of the bar) and faktor B (to the downside of the bar) and the ATR.

Sorry again, it is obviously already too late here in Gemany.

Best regards