Linear regression indicator - Kelpie chart

Hi Guys,
I am looking for the lilnear regression line used in a Kelpie chart. I have the Bollinger bands in place but need the linear regression line. The line I am looking for is refered to the “Dog” in Global One Groups Kelpie chart. I am trying to program this into MT4. I believe the formual is “lenght 4 shift 1” . Does this make sense to anyone? How do I put it in as an indicator?


I recently set up a kelpie chart on my MT4 and I found the linear regression indicator by searching forums for “linear regression metatrader”. I downloaded it, plugged it in and now I have it. I can email it to you if you’d like.

A question for you. I had been shown the Kelpie setup months ago and only now set it up on my charts. I have all the necessary indicators, however I am unsure of how to use the Kelpie to make pips. What do you know of the rules to follow and when to get in, when to get out, etc.


I would recommend you to open a new thread on trading systems section and teach us you trading system. What do u think about it? Many will be more than happy to learn new things here

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There’s a Linear Regression Channel built into MT4 -

Customize your FIB tool bar, add it to that toolbar…

voila…or, however you spell that…

(Hoping this message isn’t finding you too late…)