LBR + 1000 pips in one week!


I made oscilator according to LBR rules from VT, and signal indicator to it.

It looks profitable for first look, but may b U will help to improve this idea.

Good work my friend, that appears to be a good method to be validated


I wonder how many false signals it will give, and can we avoid them somehow

We will see

yes indeed with the proper perspective on the finished market, that appears very well, but we will check during the week

Nice looking indicator

You counted 995 pips on the 3 pairs last week.

Even though it appears to me that you calculated entries on the open of the signal bar. I think it would be more realistic to take the close of the signal bar or the opening of the following bar.

But nevertheless, it looks good.

I was watching this indicator friday aftenoon - just when I wrote it.

The dots was shown near (1-3 pips) from open of bar or at the open.

The problem is that the dot can be shown and then vanish, mabye we will need something to confirm that dots.