Is there way to be notified when VPS goes down


I am looking for a tool or utility that tells me instantly when one of my VPS is down or disconnected from my trading account.

Can someone please give advice?

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This is problems about forex robot

  1. you have to have an indicator on a chart monitoring the connection.

  2. this would fail if the server itself is down - for this you need to have a script (e.g. powershell) that sends you e.g. an email every time the server is booting (keyword Windows’ folder \Autostart)

Some VPS providers like AWS provide an internal alert tool where you are able to define specific events like disconnect, hdd full, reboot, etc. to be informed about.

Thank you, hbroadberriem

Thank you, all.

there are many websites that offer free server/vps uptime monitor. You will be notified if your vps is down.