Is there anyway to backtest multiple instruments strategy in 1 second timeframe?

Is there any way to backtest multiple instruments strategy in the 1-second timeframe?

I understand that the lowest timeframe is 1 minute and would like to know if there is any possible way to work around it?

Thank you!

Maybe. Depends of you want exactly but it’s possible to “simulate” 1-second timeframe.

How would you simulate 1-second timeframe on MT5?

i.e. indicator: iRSI


  • instead of looking at PERIOD_M1, I would like to look at PERIOD_S1


Wouldn’t that require repurposing the indicator

and attaching the indicator to an offline 1-second timeframe chart (which is an indicator by itself)?

Your initial question was to ask if there is a way. Yes there is a way but that’s not a simple one.

So how ? By simulating the 1-second timeframe and calculating all what need to be calculated.

Using custom data (“off-line chart”) could be an other way, but not sure it’s a good one, considering all MT5 data are M1 based, even custom ones.