Is there a bug in mt5 ObjectDelete?

hi , I am writing an indicator in MQL5, but whatever I write as string name ObejectDelete returns true ! even on an empty chart with no objects!

int ObjCount = ObjectsTotal(ChartID(),/*0=main subwindow*/0,/*all objectTypes*/-1);

bool deleteResult=ObjectDelete(ChartID(),"non existing object");

Print(__LINE__,"-",deleteResult," | ObjCount=",ObjCount); 

here is the result :

 2016.12.11 13:46:38.385	Far-Test (EURUSD,H1)	37-true | ObjCount=0

shouldn’t it return false ?

here is the result of the same code in mt4 :

2016.12.11 14:00:10.141 Far-TestObjDelete EURUSD_e,H1: 38-false | ObjCount=0

so mt5 is working wrong !

What build of MT5 are you using? The current available build is 1495 (09 Dec 2016)!

yes , the mt5 is build 1495 , 2016.dec.09 , and metaeditor is 1495 too.