Is it possible to send a text message from EA to a mobile phone?

is it possible to send something (like a text, alert) on the cell phone with mt5? The MT5 terminal is sending information on transactions, but Alerts from the scripts/EA is not passed through. Is it even possible?

email - use sendmail

sms - use a 3rd party gateway

notification - mt5 id

If it is possible and some one describe the way then it will be very helpful. I am waiting …

hi; can you please some explain about it ?

thank you.

for the sms gateway, you got to pay for every sms sent out

for me, in Singapore, I uses a sms gateway to send out sms in my applications

their API is over web interface, http protocol

so your EA can post to the http api to send sms

Try to use it: SendNotification .


Strict use restrictions are set for the SendNotification() function: no more than 2 calls per second and not more than 10 calls per minute. Monitoring the frequency of use is dynamic. The function can be disabled in case of the restriction violation.

thank you…

sendNotification is a great option really

thks so much