Inside my EA I'm trying to create a button

Hi Guys

Inside my EA I’m trying to create a button to export a personal graphic of equity curve, or histogram of operation, or any kind of graphic. But I’m didn’t find a way to export to JPG or BMP. In realy I’m trying to do a personal report.

I already looked inside some classes, examples and files like “Graphic.mqh”, “Axis.mqh” and “Curve.mqh” but there is no “Save” or “Export” method.

I spect to create a graphic, not necessary to be a visual object, add some X, Y points, and finally save in a ordinary image file. If is possible to customize some collors, good, if not, also good (one step at once). As a first goal I expect to creat an image like the standard backtest equity curve:

If anybody have a clue on how to do it, I really appreciate,

Thanks in advance

If you want to work with visual objects on chart in MQL.

It’s possible to create even more complex items then that strategy tester graph.

For example:

an also use a free api from Google called G-Chart:

Which allows you to create interactive content with javascript.

Or any other tool of course.

Thanks all it worked