Indicator to label days on chart

I have been trying to find a good indicator for labelling days on the charts. Out of the many i used, i never found one that actually works properly. Does anyone have one that would label the days on the top of the chart like so?

What is “properly”? What is wrong with those you have tried?

I would load them up on my charts and they wouldn’t always show the days or they’d be too far out of sight. I think the best way would be for them to just show up at the top of the chart like in the image.

Yes it is possible, but it takes some coding.

Normally, text drawn on the chart can either be fixed relative to pixels on the screen (x and y) or relative to the chart (time and price).

What you want is text fixed relative the screen on the y axis, but fixed relative to time on the x axis.

Do you think that you can please help me out with this one brotha?

Yes buddy…please do it for me…I would be so grateful :smiley:

Coding something from scratch for you - I’m afraid not. But I’ll refer you to Alain’s standard response which may help:

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Usually people who can’t code don’t receive free help on this forum, though it could happen if you are lucky, be patient.
If you show your attempts and describe well your problem, you will most probably receive an answer from the community.
If you don’t want to learn to code, nothing bad, you can either look at the Codebase if something free already exists, or in the Market for paid products (sometimes free also).
Finally, you also have the option to hire a programmer in the Freelance section.
Good luck.