iMFI that has a iMA inside it

I’m trying to code a iMFI that has a iMA inside it… the iMA will get the “first indicator’s data”.

but I cann’t find any sample to understand how I could code this…

I tried to code it my self , but isn’t working… the iMA is not getting data correctly.

Look at iMAOnArray()

This is MT5 Keith, there is no iMAOnArray().

Show your attempt if you want help.

about my post in another board I got no “solution” to this problem ,

so I tried here… I can’t see any problem about this,

but you allways like to follow my threads without any useful helping, why?

That is why we need a section that deals exclusively with mql5 code.

So mql5 has iMA, but not not iMAOnArray, that is weird.

Thank you for your reply

yes, I think the same… sometimes is very hard to help or get help, or find something using search button,

because all topics show only mt4 answers…