i-FractalsEx - define the fractal

extern int Fr.Period = 6; - 6 bars before and 6 bars after the current bar define the fractal

extern int MaxBars = 500; - maximum number of bars for calculation

Files : https://c.mql5.com/3/129/i-FractalsEx.mq4

repainter? appears to be the holly grail?

Is that all you can bring out, repainter…always this repainter thing. Did you try this indicator? Did you combine it with some techniques like fibonacci time and fibonacci price. No you did not, otherwise you would not come up with this remark, for of course anyone knows the holy grail never will be found for it is not there. So stop with this stupid remarks and come up with your solution instead of critics on people who try to make a positive contribution. And do not come up with the answer that you are trying to save some ignorants using this indicator and loosing money, for they will loose it anyway, no matter what indicator is used.