I cant close an EA - Need help to stop a EA


I Need help to stop a EA of working on my real account.

After back testing a EA I put it to work on my real accout, after a few weeks it starts to go grazie and I cant stop it of opening trades even after autotrading stop on the Metatrader 4.

Can somebody explain and help me please.


You can always remove the expert manually.

It is weird that it still trades even after you disable automatic trading are you running the EA on a VPS ?


yes it runs on a VPS I stopt it just .

The problem is I can not find the EA on any screen running

is that okay? let me know

Well you can stop the server:

But do realize that the orders that are still open will not be handled by the EA anymore.

or you can synchronize experts and indicators on the VPS, without any experts on the chart and your EA (that is loaded on VPS) will stop.