I am Looking Stochastic-RSI with Alert


I am looking for some help: I have the stochastic with RSI indicator but I don´t know program. I want if some body can help me to program this indicator but with Alert.

I appreciate all your help.

Files: https://c.mql5.com/3/128/Stoch_RSI_4.mq4

I’m looking for the same

This is not exactly what you are after I know, but it is a stochastic with overbought and oversold alerts. Best used with 80, and 20 levels on daily or higher timeframe. I thought it might tide you over until you get your RSI one working how you want it.

Hi everyone,

im newbies in forex. but has do a research quite few months though. im trying to search for the best scalping system where using the lower time frame as i want to start my real trading with minimum amount.