How to use multicore or threads in Strategy Tester

Hi all,

Just wondering if there is an option somewhere that affects the use of multicore/thread CPUs in the MT5 tester?

I ask, as previously - up until yesterday my MT5 tester would stream through testing using all 8 cores, now it only does 1, then it might start using another core 3/4 through the whole test.

Does anyone know why this is going on and how to fix it?

My PC isn’t doing much else other then testing.



I also have an issue with the tester on my 8 core I7.

The Tester uses all the cores but it is very very slow and even much slower than on another machine 4 cores I5.
For the same EA, it takes 6 minutes to perform 100 passes on the 8 core and only 22 seconds on the 4 core!!! And I clean the cache before each execution.

Is there something wrong with MT5 when run on 8 core machines?

Of course, solutions are welcome :slight_smile:

Ah and I cannot use the cloud or the remote agent as I use external dlls.

Thank you for your answers?

Hi both,

1. first of all you may want to check if all cores are really active

Therefore enter the msconfig (I assume you know how that works - keep in mind to do that changes as ADMIN) and click:

  • Win-R - msconfig
  • Boot tab
  • Advanced Options
  • Number of Processors

You may check the processors that are actively used by Windows

msconfig cores

2. You may limit the cores used by certain programs


  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del
  • Start Task Manager
  • Processes Tab
  • right click desired program
  • Set Affinity

Adjust according to your expectations (e.g. to free some CPU for your regular work ;-))

Processes to cores association

3. Disable Hyperthreading Cores

In case you own Intel dual/multi-core - it has 4 “logical” cores and a quad-core has 8 “logical” cores which is meant by “Hyperthreading”.

I think Hyperthreading isn’t working as it should in the marketing material - CPU is getting hot and the real benchmark results in the performance section of Windows do not improve.

Also subjective feeling is that it does not work.

You can disable these logical cores in the mainboard BIOS.

You will have to press F2 during boot (or F8 or F12 in certain models) to enter BIOS.

The option you have to look for is named “Hyperthreading [Enabled/Disabled]”.

Also make sure you have enough virtual memory per core/thread. Typically 2GB per thread is a minimum.

What a great explanation, gcrocken1m! Thanks!!