How to solve "No Trading Operations" Problem?

Hello guys,

I’ve a problem with publishing my EA on the market. Although I’ve read all the related articles and topics on this forum to find a solution for it, but still I’m struggling with validation of my EA. All the obligations of the MQL4 has been included in my EA, but still I receive the error of no trading operations.

test on EURUSD,H1

there are no trading operations
test on NZDUSD,H1

there are no trading operations

test on GBPUSDcheck,M30

there are no trading operations
test on XAUUSDcheck,Daily

there are no trading operations

Unfortunately, the automatic validation system does not indicate the line or the reason of this error. I wish one of the moderators who knows about it could help us to find a final solution for this problem since a lot of developers are facing with such issue.

If you have any complementary advice or solution, I would love to receive it, although I’ve read a lot of topics here :frowning:


So it means your EA doesnt open any order during expected date and pairs,

During testing on expected time and pair,your EA should open some orders,then the validating system evaluate your EA.

So check your EA that it opens position in MT4 tester.

Thanks a lot for your reply. I should inform you that according to the logic of my EA, it opens the first position immediately after running in MT4 Tester and also in DEMO Accounts or Real Accounts. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with opening positions. Also, I should add this point that I have no Errors or Warnings when I compile it.

So could you explain more about the opening order condition,

Maybe it’s depending to connect to other source.

It’s the most simple rule. If the MACD bar of the current candle is higher than previous bar it opens buy and if lower it opens sell. Nothing more.

Have you backtested by the pairs which the validating system indicated?On EURUSD,NZDUSD,GBPUSD on other timeframes?

So you can send report to service desk and ask them for this issue,

As i know they will check with some strange testing values,for example they will test with very high or very low lot sizes,or with very high or very low stoploss/takeprofit values,

In this case the EA can’t open any order.But you are testing your EA in tester by ideal settings.

Your system should check all these conditions,so check your EA with some very high or very low values for each parameters,all of them should be managed in the code.

I have done all. May I send you the source file as a trustee?

Thanks to all, I solved it.

I had this problem a few minutes ago, and for me the default input settings of my filters/indicators were too strict to generate trades from all the test currency pairs. Once I lowered the default input settings, the program validated.

I have the exactly same problem as you had. How did you solve it? Thank you.