How to run multiple instances of the same robot on one chart?

I would like to have an EA run on multiple timeframes concurrently. Is there a way to achieve this?

You can open a chart and run a robot on it. Then you can open another chart and run the same robot on it. You can do this as many times as you want, but only one robot (EA) per chart is allowed.

Normally the robots do not know if there is a same one running on a different chart. So they would mess things up (EA on 15 min chart could close position of EA on 30 min chart etc.)

To fix this there’s magic numbers. Each robot has one. If you run a robot on a chart and you need the same robot run on a different chart then check in the input field that each robot gets its own distinctive magic number. So they won’t interfere. The magic number together with the symbol helps a robot to find its own orders and positions and stay away from others.

So I am new to this so wandering if I. Want to have to two trades open at the start of an candle one buy and one sell if the sell hit leave the pending buy. So when it comws back up it would be there. Could I have an robot do that set up the pending order once the new candle open

This is possible. A robot can manage more than one trade. And it can set up pending orders and cancel them. If you’re US citizen you are not allowed to have long and short open at the same time (no hedge FIFO rule), but pending orders you may place in for any direction without limit.

Thank you for the information really helpful