How to run an Expert Advisor on android phones

Can MetaTrader for Android support this function?

I just want my EA can run in my android phone,even if I can’t edit it in phone.

So that I can turn off my computer and keep the EA run all the time.

And I can keep watch the EA running status,stop/restart at anywhere at anytime.

can anybody give me some suggestion?

Not possible as of today.

Use VPN. install MT remotely and run EA on it. suggestion for MetaQuotes : provid VPN servce.

VPS, nor VPN! …

Not possible. Put EA in VPS

Not yet possible but I believe one day, it will be possible.

U cant do that…

U cant do that…

I think so. Maybe someday…

Install Linux on your Android phone and you can do the same as on Desktop.

Not yet available…

Not a stupid idea at all :slight_smile: You could try to emulate a windows on your android device. Wine 3.0 does it yet, but there’s some restriction due to ARM/x86.

Try & let us know it may helps someone else :slight_smile: