How to hide indicators used in Expert Advisor?


1-As a title How can i delete indicator automatically after run EA on strategy tester ?

I mean use code in on deinit !

2-When i use indicator in my EA and run it on strategy tester , after tester end it draw indicator on chart !, is it possible change it that nor draw on chart ?


I wrote service desk if they are planning to implement HideTestIndicators function

Their short answer was “No”.

Just sharing some information I got.

Using IndicatorsRelesae function will not have exact same functionality as HideTestIndicators function.

Disabling visual mode isn’t very elegant solution either. T T

So there is nothing we can do.


Thanks for your answer

and do you know answer for other question: ‘‘I mean use code in on deinit !’’

like code that used for delete object after close EA

I like the software but Their is one major flaw…
If you have the software set to be take multiple trades… Let say with the t/p at 20 - it lookslike the it will set the t/p between 20 and 200 pips or up to 10x the t/p setting (let me know if i’m correct).

The problem comes in when the software takes the second or subsequent trades. My experience is that the second t/p will be the same distance away as the the first trade.

So when the subequent hits the T/P it results in a loss.

When I realized this I’ve had to turn off “live trading” for that pair and manually adjust the the t/p.

The other thing I’ve done is change the setting to only 1.

Can you fix this and send an update?

You can just add 10 more moving averages and psar, bands,gator and etc…so that they will have to figure out which one you are using.

Here is the solution I use …

   double MA1c = iMA(Symbol(),TimeFrame,ma1Period,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE,0);
   double MA2c = iMA(Symbol(),TimeFrame,ma2Period,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE,0);
   double MA1p = iMA(Symbol(),TimeFrame,ma1Period,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE,1);
   double MA2p = iMA(Symbol(),TimeFrame,ma2Period,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE,1);
   double RSI  = iRSI(Symbol(),TimeFrame,rsiPeriod,PRICE_CLOSE,0);

If you do the same as above, indicators will not show after the the back-test finish or stopped.

As a result, no one can know what indicators you are using. I suppose this is what you are looking for.

The question was about MT5. The method you mentioned works in MT4 only.

If I remember well I was saying something like :

You can code your indicator(s) to no draw anything.

It Eventually got implemented, check Here