How to get the updared version of EA after a new one is released

Hi, the author of one of my purchased EAs has released a new version.

How can I retreive that update? I swear, I HAVE googled for that. :smiley:

Thanks in advance for any hint.

Kind regards

Hi, got it resolved - it took a while til the update was offered via Terminal --> Market --> Purchased.

Patience was the cure :slight_smile:


I had the exact same question lucky I found your post

i still cant seem to update the ea i click the ea update button and nothing happens!

Any ideas?


Awesome, I had the same qestion. Thanks for posting the solution you found. Big help!

You need to contact the owner and ask for the updated version.

You can not update it yourself unless if you know the new updates or features on that latest version.

Please read carefully before posting! The OP is referring to Market products, not 3rd party products!

Market products allow for automatic updates (when it is working properly, that is)!