How to download old tick data for M1 timeframe

i have tested several brokers and they all fail.

maximum 2 months of M1 price history there.

i have seen lots of programmers that can test their systems in 10 years or even 15 years.

this problem is remaining in mt5 too.

does someone have any solution.

Try tickstory or histdata or any other ticks data providers website to download ticks data and import it into mt4 platform in order to be used for backtesting.

All the steps are usually given there, how to use it.

i have tested some websites but they do not offer tick data.

do you know any website?

you can try tickstory

It is 99% tick data and for major pairs its 15+ Years. It attaches a add-on to MT4 and already has the formatting for you to download files from places like tickstory, however by default it is already set up to download data from dukascopy. I used many of the tick data resources and this is the best.

thank you all i will try them and let you know

Tickstory doesn’t work anymore with current mt4 version. Unless anyone can debate this

Because of this :slight_smile:


You can download 10 years of tick data from truefx.