How to copy trades from MT5 to MT4

My plan is join an Forex Prop Trader which use MT4, without EX support, and send order via a EA that I have on MT5.
I don’t know if I can use signals for that. I wish i could use another way to copy all the trades with slow delay.
I have no problem requesting an job, i just need to know how it will work.
If you have any idea, just leave here, it will help. Thanks.

You can’t copy MT5 signals onto MT4. They use different trade operations.

You would need to create or use two seperate EAs to translate and copy the trades across to MT4, one running on the MT5 account and another on the MT4 account.

However, if you say that you can’t use EAs on the MT4 account, then it will not work.

Nice to know about that!
I really can’t use EA, i need some way to inject the order by another way.

Does the broker block EAs by looking at the magic number or by some other method?

If it is by magic number, then use the magic number “0” which is the default for manual trades!

Also, try to see if a Script will work instead of an EA!

How does these scripts works? Is it possible to make an script that pick order from another MT and inject as manual or something? Thanks!

Yes but a script runs the code once and then disappears so its a one time action unless you deliberately lock it into a while loop.