How to add alert for multiple indicator on separate indicator window?

Hi traders!

I was trying to code an alert that popup when an indicator in the separate indicator window crosses a level of an other indicator in the same window.

In example…there are indicators like TSI (true Strength Index) that do not have fixed maximum and minimum: if you add in the same window an indicator like Stochastic or RSI you can show fixed levels such as 30 and 70… How can I code an alert to popup when TSI crosses those levels? =)

Where can I read some documentation about this situation? Or is there someone with some tips&tricks to share? =)

Thanks in advance!

They do not have the same range of values at all - it would be like comparing apples to pears. You can not combine the indicators that way

that’s your opinion… on my sy stem it perfectly works =(

I just want to fix levels on an indicator with free ranges. RVI on front and an indicator with null color on background. Only levels set on 30 and 70.
Is there any way to alert when the first indicator crosses the other one’s levels?

Does it (work) :slight_smile:

Oh well, I have seen stranger things in my life … Happy trading …

Thank you !, I read the documentation but it’s not helping me =( I already did an alert that work with indicators in the indicator_chart_window…
May be I’ll have to check deeper in the web =(

Thanks anyway

Hi guys

What tflecknell1q said is not an opinion, it’s facts.

Technically all is possible, but that doesn’t mean it has any sense from a trading point of view.

Hi again,

no way

Thanks all

I’m not going to get into the discussion about whether it makes any sense, lest we spin off onto another tangent of pixel stop losses :wink:

Figure out the y values of 30% and 70% of the subwindow’s height.

Use ChartXYtoTimePrice() to find out the “price” at 30% and 70%

Check your indicator values to see if they have crossed those values.