Hidden results in the strategy optimizer

I got hidden results in the strategy optimizer. Not all results are displayed cause I got a better config that given by strategy optimizer, anyone knows why that?

How ?

Your issue is not clear. Please give more details.

At first version, I got a very good result.

Now in the newer versions, I’m getting other results but that good config is still working when non-optimization backtest. However, when optimization doesn’t appear.

What old version, what new version ? I doubt any body will understand what you are talking about.

I am asking you concrete information about your issue : provide screenshots, logs, settings, whatever will allow other people to understand what you are talking about.

  1. Here there are the optimization results of an expert, ordered by profit:

  2. Here there is a better result from a previous set of the same expert, that isn’t provided by the optimization results:

It’s done in the same tester with the same history data.

Ok, now I know a little bit of the problem. It’s about “Genetic Algorithm” box.

you said, Genetic algorithm will rarely gives you the exact same results when you run several optimization.

Also I hope you know what you are doing using Open Prices only mode, it requires specific conditions to be reliable.