Help me port a simple indicator to MT5 please?

Hello, i would like to start transitioning to MT5 but i use a few indicators that have not been ported to MT5 yet, so is there any chance one of you could help me out please?

It’s a Daily HiLo indicator.

Not with an ex4 file. Please provide the mq4 source code file to get some legal coding help.

I am not the creator of this indicator. I don’t have the EX4 file. Do i have any other options?

Without the source code you’ll have to find a MT5 indicator that provides the same information.

One possible source is the codebase for MT5 indicators

Check here :

This indicator is different. The one i attached shows Yesterday’s High and Yesterday’s low.

Use this then :

#property indicator_chart_window
#property indicator_buffers 2
#property indicator_plots   2
#property indicator_label1  "Daily high line"
#property indicator_type1   DRAW_LINE
#property indicator_style1  STYLE_DOT
#property indicator_color1  clrDodgerBlue
#property indicator_label2  "Daily low line"
#property indicator_type2   DRAW_LINE
#property indicator_style2  STYLE_DOT
#property indicator_color2  clrSandyBrown

double highLine[],lowLine[]; 

int OnInit() 
   SetIndexBuffer(1,lowLine ,INDICATOR_DATA); 
int OnCalculate(const int rates_total,
                const int prev_calculated,
                const datetime& time[],
                const double& open[],
                const double& high[],
                const double& low[],
                const double& close[],
                const long& tick_volume[],
                const long& volume[],
                const int& spread[])
   if (Bars(_Symbol,_Period)<rates_total) return(0);
   int i=0;
      for (i=(int)MathMax(prev_calculated-1,0); i<rates_total && !_StopFlag; i++)
         MqlRates rates[]; if (CopyRates(_Symbol,PERIOD_D1,time[i],2,rates)==-1) break;
            highLine[i] = rates[0].high;
            lowLine[i]  = rates[0].low;

Daily_high-low.mq5 2 kb