Help me out to put text next to right price

Hi All

i just learn to code indicator and learn basic thing like object and text

perhaps some one can help me on this… i have code the right price and text but it seem only the price comes out on all snr price levels…

how can i call the “v” function to convert in text next to the rigtht price symbol…

the “v” function for the right price works fine and good

i have struggle 4 to 6 days googling and recoded so many times but i got failed…

im so sad n frustrated… hopefully someone glad to come to solve this text code structure for this…

here is the code…

               v = zonSNR+PRICESNR+"HL"+BULLISHCount;

               ObjectSet(v,OBJPROP_TIME1, z);
               ObjectSet(v,OBJPROP_PRICE1, m);
               ObjectSet(v,OBJPROP_COLOR,Red);  //this area seem works good and fine
               "dd" = zonSNR+PRICESNR+"HL"+SNDCount;   //this area cannot be compiled
               ObjectCreate( "dd", OBJ_TEXT,0,0,0);
               ObjectSetText( "dd", "RESISTANT",14, "Verdana", Red);
               ObjectSet( "dd", OBJPROP_TIME1, z);
               ObjectSet( "dd", OBJPROP_PRICE1, m);

hope some one can help on this text issue… i got no clue and real codes to solve the text display next to the right price issue

please help me tq…

all ur help im so appreciated it

The documentation tells you everything you need.

Also this code you posted…

"dd" = zonSNR+PRICESNR+"HL"+SNDCount;   //this area cannot be compiled

Variable names cannot be surrounded by quotes.

“dd” is a value

dd is a variable

tq for replying…

if i put without quotes it is compiling but its the seem the text doesn’t come out…

so how to call v function as well as the symbol_rightprice prices

any idea how to code the right way… still fail to recode back here…

hope jack thomas can show me how to call the dd function into text…

ill appreciate ur help… tq … waiting for sample code how to call the function…

here is the the function when i not call the dd function

  1. You didn’t write this code. It’s obvious because you don’t understand the difference between a variable, a value, and a function.

  2. I already provided you the link to the documentation which has examples of how to work with objects.

any idea how to code the right way… still fail to recode back here…

  1. If you want people to help you, you need to put in a little effort.


Tutorial Book

You can also hire someone to write the code for you.

i just new code in modifying indicators… dont know about ea…

Whether it is an Indicator or an EA or a Script, you lack the basic coding skills that applies to all of them.

So, you should concentrate on first learning the basic coding skills which the book (or other books) provide:

This book will teach you the following concepts:

The basic of the MLQ4 language, including variables and data types, operations, conditional and loop operators, functions, classes and objects, event handlers and more.
Place, modify and close market and pending orders.
Add a stop loss and/or take profit price to an individual order, or to multiple orders.
Close orders individually or by order type.
Get a total of all currently opened orders.
Work with OHLC bar data and locate basic candlestick patterns.
Find the highest high and lowest low of recent bars.
Work with MetaTrader’s built-in indicators, as well as custom indicators.
Add a trailing stop or break even stop feature to an expert advisor.
Use money management and lot size verification techniques.
Add a flexible trading timer to an expert advisor.
Construct several types of trading systems, including trend, counter-trend and breakout systems.
Add alert, emails, sounds and other notifications.
Add and manipulate chart objects.
Read and write to CSV files.
Construct basic indicators, scripts and libraries.
Learn how to effective debug your programs, and use the Strategy Tester to test your strategies.

Don’t be so quick to refuse investing in your education!

for your advice… ill want to study i show the simple parameters but no one get a simple clue too…

such use the … … … then ill google it and find some info and continue to recode it back… thanks again…

You were given “clues” by @bpourveer10 and he explained to you what was wrong and how to correct it.

Unfortunately you did not understand those “clues” and guidance because you still don’t understand the “basics”.

If you were trying to learn “klingon” and asked for advice from a “klingon” and he answered you in “klingon” - how would you understand the answer if you still don’t know how to communicate in “klingon”?

The same applies here - you first have to learn the “basics” of coding before you will understand any of the advice given to you in the coding!

The book is available online and it is not that expensive. Do yourself a favour and read it (or any other book on the subject). We are giving you guidance, so don’t ignore it.

I really hope you will not start with “no common language to communicate”.