Galaxy trades matrix

Hi Everyone!

I am looking for an expert advisor, pleasethose who has this share it for everybody! Thanks!!!

More, I would like to ask from everyone, that what should I combine this expert, what is your suggestion? Thanks

It is, but nowwhere I can find this indicator or work like expert advisors. Anyway the link above, I couldn’t find the topic.

As to the images so as far as I understand - it is just “commercial design” for one indicator (yes, with dashboard, with trading panel, and more - but all those features are around one Fibo indicator only).

I don’t think that there is a tool that can be compared with TFA Sniper v2. Unfortunately TFA has canceled the support and isn’t selling it anymore. But it had some unique features all others grids didn’t have (auto trading, historical view for analysis and training, full customizable view through an own graphic layer instead painting zillion of graphical objects).