Forecast oscillator

I already posted this weekend about one oscillator. It is called 3d oscilllator, and the thread about it is located :

This indicator, the Forecast oscillator , is very similar to the 3d indicator, and i think there could be an expert programmed for it. I think the expert should be just like the one i described in the 3d oscillator thread.

I don’t know if you are already a member, but if you post this in the MetaTrader_Experts_And_Indicators maybe once you get an answer from a programmer and once you have it all done, you could probably post it and we can probably help you demo test it on different currencies, I am about to go there right now to get an add-on to the expert scorpion cleaned up.

Good luck to you, results look good for one day’s worth

Yes, I am a member there, and in some time i will post it there, if i wont get an answer here, or from my mql programmer. I dont like posting my ideas there, i dont even know why.

What settings are you getting? with the default settings I am getting only up to January 6th

Yes i know, somehow those two indicators ( 3d and ForecastOsc) dont go very far in the history. I dont know why. I have used the basic settings in the chart.