Exceeding of limitation

In my terminal I have “Max bar in chart” set to 7200. However, working with onCalculate function I have found that rates_amount sometimes is bigger that this value. Sometimes instead of 7200 there is 150.000 bars (full M1 history). It causes an issue to me because I work with MqlRates instead of open, high, low, close… arrays. Since the function CopyRates can not return bars more than TERMINAL_MAXBARS and indicator buffer size is larger than number of bars I have there is wrong indicator rendering. I can set unlimited amount of bars in chart but I think it is not rational to calculate unused history - I need only one working week.

If you are talking about mt5 is a bug. You don’t expect solution because I sent ticket and they didn’t give any answer

I am. Is there a public link to this ticket? I am not familiar with their bug report system. Anyway, thank you.

Tickets to service desk are private. You can send them one for report bugs

There’s an easy solution… limit the indicator loop to total rates copied and index your buffers from right to left.

   MqlRates rates[];
   int limit = CopyRates(Symbol(),Period(),0,Bars(Symbol(),Period()),rates);
   for(int i=limit-1;i>=0;i--)
      Volume_Buffer[i] = rates[i].tick_volume;

Thank you for idea, I completely forgot about array order. I will try to implement it.