Error "Tester none of selected agents is ready, testing not started" during backtest


i want to use mql5 cloud for backtesting. I started the agents manager and enter my details and als give my agents to the cloud. my balance is 10usd. now i want to test an ea with cloud. In the strategy tester in agents are 18000 agents available. i disable my local cores and enable mql5 cloud. Now i hit start and get this:

2018.04.07 10:14:02.097 Tester  none of selected agents is ready, testing not started

what do i wrong

And you can look at this summary - All (not yet) about Strategy Tester, Optimization and Cloud

The cause of your problem may be something like Windows Firewall or a hardware firewall.

It may be informative to connect to a Local Network Farm first.

No the Problem was that the cloud only work on optimisation.

Now i have started one time with cloud optimization and i want to optimize only on local with custom symbol i now get this.

2018.04.07 22:47:23.456 Tester  custom symbols not allowed in Cloud Network

But i have disabled the cloud. why the tester didnt use local machine.

I get this error and i’m not even trying to use the Cloud network, wtf. :stuck_out_tongue: