Easy Indicator or ea

Good Morning,

i just need an indicator or ea that close the open position if the close is > or < of a numeric value in the market, like 1.61064 in the chart where i’ve attached it.

In this way i can modify and adapt it to every market just changing the values.

Many Thanks

why you need an EA / indicator?
Just set SL/TP at that point.

or did I misunderstood you?

yes i need the code because i’m talking about the close of the candle is > or < not the spike

What have you tried (to code) so far?

i have not knowledge in mq4 i can’t do nothing, but someone able in mq4 can do it in a couple of minuts, because the code is very simple

How do you know it’s “very simple”, if you can’t even code this “very simple” as you claimed?

It’s like a soccer game. It’s “very simple”. Just kick the ball into the goal post, and you win.

because i’m able to do that in ninja trader but not in mt4, in ninja trader i need 3 minuts of time to do that, in mq4 will be 2 minuts.

So if someone can do it i will show you how many rows of code are.