EA for partial closing trades with buttons

All the EA’s that i’ve seen that has partial closing feature, they all force you to put how many pips for a 50% partial close in example. What i just want, is a button 50% to partially close the current pair. Maybe two buttons, 25% and 50%. You see, im a manual trader, i’m not calculating pips or that at all, i trade by pure common sense and i’ve been trading like that since years with success. I just want a button that is always present on the chart, to quickly partially close 50% of the current pair. Even if i have to add a EA in each chart for that, don’t care about complicated coding so that you only need to open the EA in 1 chart. Nah, im ok if i have to add it to all charts i have open. Please someone help me with this.

You should hire someone to code it for you.

No problem at all and very easy to solve!

Just head on over to the Freelance section and place a new job request to the community! Remember to properly define all your requirements and the amount you have on budget!

I am sure you will get many applicants in no time at all! Then just pick one that satisfies your conditions!

how much dollars a EA like that could worth? If is that simple could be a 10-20$ EA?

Yes, but i also risk manage my wealthy in real life. I’m a trader even at the most simple things in life haha

Well, in that case, you will get what you pay for!